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We'll Teach Your Dog or Puppy How to Swim in and Get In/Out of Your Home Pool

Get Your Friends and Their Dogs In on the Doggie Swimming Lessons so your pup can throw a pool party for his canine buddies!

If you have a swimming pool, you want your pup to be able to enjoy a refreshing swim to cool down from Houston's blistering heat. And swimming is an excellent activity for senior dogs with arthritis. 

You also want to make your dog is safe if he accidentally falls in the pool. A dog can't see up over the edge of the pool, so must know how to get his bearings once he resurfaces from going under water after falling in. He needs to learn how to figure out where the stairs are, and to paddle in the right direction to these stairs so he can get out. Otherwise he will be trying to grasp the side and keep slipping back into the water.

Aside from Labs, very few dogs dive into swimming pools and adapt to them like little fishes. Most are happy to wade on the steps, but can't see the bottom and so distrust this body of water. We will help introduce your pup to the pool and show you techniques for teaching him or her to swim with relaxation and enjoyment, plus learn techniques for safely swimming towards the stairs if he falls in accidentally.