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​SEMINAR - Balanced and Calm

Dog Whispering vs. Dog Training

- How dogs think

- How to communicate with vs. correct

- Instinctual canine drives

- Rituals vs. routines

- Pack structure

- How to calm and balance your dog or puppy.

Live demos with any dogs who are in attendance who are hyper, fearful, lunging and barking at people, jumping up on people, and more.

​The one everyone wants ...​​

2-3 Hour Private Home Behavior Training

Obedience - Temperament - Socialization

First two hours $175. $50/hr thereafter (many dogs or people).

Trip fee for distances over 10 miles each way at $.75/mile + actual toll costs. Starting point west Memorial.

Full Fee for Less Than 1 Day/24 Hour Non-Emergency Cancel

Due to this service's popularity, first come first served.


Meet the Trainer Day

Q&A Open Seminar​ with Demos

boarding with training

Kind, Fun and Effective Canine Learning Vacation

Round the Clock Supervision, Coaching and Leadership

Includes home pick-up & drop-off for houston

$ 55/night - previously trained/needs tune up

$110/night - desired temperament/obedience needs improvement

$220/night - rock bottom fear or dog/people aggression - red zone

Shelter Organizations, 

Veterinarians, Doggy Daycares,

Boarding Kennels

Please contact us. We are happy to provide dog temperament assessments and behavior modification assistance to your staff, fosters and volunteers. You may also book entertaining seminars for your customers at your location.