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Recent DOG & PUPPY Cases

Two 6 month old male Miniature Poodle puppy brothers
A two week stay with us to learn manners and become stable -- not jumping on furniture, making the indoors for rest and relaxation vs. running laps, stopping the running away when being told what to do, taking to the outside the pooping and peeing indoors, walking on leash without darting, overcoming fear with other dogs
1-1/2 Year Female Boxer and Male Pit Bull
Issues:  Pulled like banshees on the leash, over-excited and aggressive towards other dogs, territorial

Program - 2 week stay created and polished leash skills and taught socialization with other dogs

3 month old Plott Hound puppy with ceaseless wailing barking when crated
Stayed with us 2 weeks. Puppy learned how to go into a calm relaxation instead of becoming panicked from crate imprisonment. Also worked on socialization with other dogs, leash walking, setting indoor boundaries, civil food manners, house breaking.
2 Great Danes from South Dakota
Success with one home consult in converting from rural feral freedom to urban small Austin home and mastering the walk, not jumping on people, not charging other people or dogs. Owner then knew how to handle his dogs.
4 Bichons, one boy and girl adopted 2 years ago, 2nd boy and girl just adopted
Issues:  second set of two - female rock bottom fear and snappy aggression, the male full out biting anyone who tried to control him. All 4 like microwave popcorn, not very pretty on leash.

Program - 3 home behavior consults buiding the base first and then fine tuning.

Peace was achieved and owner now shows off foursome with walks down the street

5 month old Griffin breed rescue
Issues:  housebreaking, jumping on people, anxiety

One home behavior consult was all this lovely musician owner needed.