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It's not too early to start training your puppy.

Training actually began at birth with the canine mom.​ We will help you get your pup on the right track before bad habits set in.

Puppy Behavior Training

Biting/Nipping, Jumping, Barking, Housebreaking, Walking on Lead, Chewing, Being Social & Friendly


Puppies Aren't Born with Issues

These tend to crop up when they are humanized while not having their needs for exercise and structure being met.​

​​Puppies ARE Born with Temperament

No matter the age, it is not too early to address any dominance, insecurity, biting, barking and jumping.

If you have an older dog, we first need to create balance and stability in that dog as the puppy's role model. See Canine Temperament.

What We Teach Puppies

Obedient Polite Manners

Humans START all play and END all play.

Never use your mouth on a human.

Keep four-on-the-floor. Don't jump up.

​An open door is not an invitation to bolt.

Do not hunt the cat.

Relax on your special place, not furniture.

Your crate is your safe place, not prison.

Do not fall in love with your voice.

​Humans own all food and all toys.

Walk like a feather on the leash.​

Only poop & pee in yard pea gravel box.

And More!

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Balanced Temperament

Friendly - Trusting - Calm - Relaxed

Respectful - Confident - Obedient

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Social and Friendly

Good puppy social experiences early on create adult dogs who are more friendly, social and confident than those who are isolated and contained. We'll make sure you do not miss the important window of socializing your puppy from 2 to 8 months old. This cannot be replicated later.

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Our Home Behavior Consult

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Our 2-3 hour consult at your home gives you and your family simple techniques which are easy to learn and use to get your pup on the right track.

Our Boarding with Training

Puppy's Enjoyable Camp Vacation

If you have to be away, send your puppy to us for a fun vacation learning polite manners and enjoying safe fun play with other friendly dogs.  We don't just LOVE dogs, we KNOW them.

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include Your Kids

We make learning fun for the whole family. Try to include your children in our programs. Junior needs to learn respect for your kids and their friends, not just the adults. And you need to learn to "claim ownership" of your kids so it clicks. In his mind, the pack hierarchy should not be with the puppy being above the kids.

The key to easy puppy training is simple. Change daily routines into leadership rituals. We'll teach you how!