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We help a dog achieve balance and stability by working on his/her:

  1. Temperament - State of mind (psychological) & state of being (physical)
  2. Obedience - Polite manners with respect for rules and boundaries
  3. Socialization - Reliable confident behaviors with all others in our world.

​​You have come to the right place for expert natural dog training, whispering, behavior modification and pack leadership. We respect dogs' integrity as animals and canines. We're uniquely skilled in seeing the world from their point of view and communicating with them naturally to earn their respect as a leader.​​

You will learn differences between human and dog psychology and how to create calm obedient respect in your dog. Most humans are surprised at how fast and easily natural dog training produces desired results compared to other methods which make the dog too excited or or punish.

We give you the strategies and techniques for changing behaviors. Most clients get all the help they need with one

Expert Home Behavior Training Consult

You learn how to change routines into rituals as you become the calm assertive leader of your calm submissive dog.

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​​​​​​​​​​​"Dogs read our body language correctly 90% of the time. They are massive intelligence gatherers." ​​

- Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology

​​"​Leadership is about showing the dogs through your actions and energy what you expect of them.  You have to be consistent. If you break the rules, they will too!"

​​​- Cesar Millan

Natural Dog Training, Behavior Modification and Pack Leadership

For Over Two Decades

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Help for All Ages, Sizes, Breeds

Behavior Changes in Short Order

We help dogs learn to live comfortably in their own skin instead of with anxious fear, distrustful aggression or bullying dominance. You learn to build a better bond with your dog. so you no longer experience the disconnect that happens with treat training, e-collar discomfort, or poorly timed praise.

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     "The Houston Dog Whisperer came highly recommended.  Donny had our dogs in control after just minutes of meeting them at our home, and they were happy to be 'in school.'  It was very impressive. She seems to understand the brain of a dog and they really like how she communicates with them.  

     She opened up our minds to how dogs learn. And she taught our family that it's not hard to live with our dogs a little differently so they respect us and we make them happier. This was surprisingly easy and a great change!"   ​​​​​​​- Megan K., Houston

We know how to change the simplest to the most challenging dog behaviors for the betterin short order. Dogs we help learn new desired ways of thinking and acting because our approach respects their instinctual canine drives. Like all animals, dogs naturally follow calm assertive leadership which conveys their place in the pack and the behaviors expected. This safety and security for a dog means LOVE.

Nipping/Biting - Leash Pulling - Barking

Lunging - Charging - Jumping - Fear - Anxiety

Housebreaking - Destructive - Disrespect

Not Coming - Rough Play - Dominance

Aggression - Territorial - Toy/Food Possessive

Fighting - Hyper - Over-Excited - Ignoring

​"Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way."    - ​PETA

Being your dog's friend earns his love and trust. Become his leader to earn his respect as well.

Our training comes naturally to kids. Make sure you include them in the home consult.  It is fun for human and canine alike!