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Obedience Training 

Top 13 Obedience Checklist

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1.  Respectful Human Interactions

Always calm, relaxed, respectful and submissive. Looks to human's eyes for direction and cues.  Never jumps up on adults or children.  Never uses mouth on humans, even when gets excited with petting.  Does not run from or avoid being corrected. Tries to please instead of running the show.

2.  Door and Gate Manners

Never jumps on doors or gates.  Waits to be invited before going through any door or gate.  Always first lets humans go through doors, gates or even narrow hallways or stairwells.

3.  Guest Manners

Does not charge guests at the front door.  Gives house guests three to 5 feet of respectful space at all times. Approaches a guest by invitation only.  Does not nip a guest who is physically moving or leaving.

4.  Only Barks When Appropriate

Barks to alert family of guest at front door; stops when clocked off the job.  May give an excited woof or two during play.  Never barks directly at people or other dogs, especially at their faces.

5.  Is Civil With Food, Treats and Water

Takes food or treat from human's hand without nipping/biting if offered.  Keeps distance when human or dog meals are being prepared.  Will not growl, nip, snarl, bite if meal or treat is taken away while eating.  Does not charge any food which is dropped on the floor.  Does not paddle feet in the water bowl.  Willingly shares water bowl with other dogs.  Does not rifle through trash for food.  Does not jump up on counters to get food.

6.  ​Relaxes in the Crate

Views crate as the relaxing den pup-tent vs. imprisonment.  Enters when requested with no hesitation.  Does not become anxious or panicked if left in the crate for up to 4 hours given that has received great prior exercise followed by a meal.

7.  ​Is Not Fearful or Anxious

When left home alone, becomes understandably sad but not with any extreme anxiety let alone destruction.  Can venture in the world with no anxiety, fear or neurosis.  Is jumpy with but not fearful of thunder, fireworks, the vaccuum or any other loud noises. Can traverse slippery surfaces with uncertainty but not fear.

8.  Is Easily Touched and Handled

Can have ears, tail, feet, hind quarters/haunches, all parts of body handled with no resistance.  Easily allows mouth and teeth to be inspected, teeth to be brushed.  Easily lets humans flush and clean ears.  Calmly allows bathing, goes into relaxation.  Calmly allows clipping or grinding of nails.

9.  Has Relaxed Polite Car Manners

Waits to enter car door until invited, then jumps in as instructed.  Does not whine, bark, trash around, chew or destroy while in car.  Stays put where told and rides comfortably with relaxation.  Waits for invitation to exit vs. bolting out.  Politely exits vehicle when instructed to do so.  Rides comfortably with kids, other dogs, any and all passengers no matter how crowded he becomes.

10.  Obeys Commands

Knows and obeys verbal and hand signal commands.  Reliably comes when called.  Diverts attention with "leave it."  Off lead knows name means "look at me" and then either stop what you're doing or come to me, depending on the hand signal given.

11.  Is Perfect on the Walk

Walks politely at your side with no pulling, lunging, charging, braking or barking.  Can be easily walked with other dogs by the same handler.  Displays normal curiousity while on lead, but does not charge or bark at baby strollers, other dogs, motorcycles, joggers, cars, other.  Does not chew on the leash or jump up on you or any other being.  Meets and greets other dogs with calm cordial confidence.    Walks perfectly off lead, always respects you and makes the right decision.

12.  Is Polite and Reliable Out and About in Our World

Is comfortable and well behaved out in our world anywhere.  Is social, friendly and respectful with all other dogs.  Plays politely with all other dogs without fear or anxiety.    No dominant jumping on, barking at, pinning down, biting, humping, pawing, posturing or any form of aggression with other dogs.  Politely shares toys, territory, people and even food with other dogs.

13.  Respects the Home and Yard

Does not jump up on furniture, even with noone around.  Does not jump on or scratch doors or any other barrier.  Does not chew unless has a bone.  Does not dig unless has a sandbox.  Never destroys.  Is housebroken with no mistakes.